Martin's Passing

The pages collected here noted the death of Martin J. McGowan Sr., on January 4, 1954. Martin published The Appleton Press, a weekly newspaper in Appleton, Swift County, Minnesota for nearly 40 years between 1914 and 1954. These pages were published in that paper in the weeks immediately following his death.

He died 10 days short of his 40th anniversary with the paper. These pages are published online to mark the centenary of his having purchased that paper. The testimony in them testifies to the impact and great contribution he made for the community, the county and state, and the journalistic profession.

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The artifacts

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In typing these texts, I came to realize this is probably the third, and last time these words will -- or need be -- typed, first by the letter writer, in the following week by my father, Martin Jr, sitting at the linotype, and now finally by me at my computer's text editor.

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