Cranford NJ, Dec 15, 2007
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to You!
Dear Family, Friends, Lovers of Peace and little Children,
First, the not-so-happy news of the year: We lost Marty's brother Sean on January 22nd. Sean's bout with cancer caused brother Dan to observe: While I'd heard all these stories of how people really struggle to overcome cancer and live their life, I didn't really believe it until I witnessed Sean deal with it. Dan, brothers Mike and Vince attended Sean's last months and weeks, with Vince providing the care during Sean's last days.

Here we are gathered after the funeral mass at St Viator's in Las Vegas. In left-to-right order, front-to-back, ladies first: Sarah White, Maura, Mary Kay Myers, Pat, Maureen, Pam, Meg, Rita Krebs, Terry, Mary Hollenhorst, Kathy H, Tamara, and Joy. In the middle: Jim Myers, Chip, Joe Wetter, Marty, Dan, Kev, Vince, Brendan, and Paul Sinkler. In the back Cullen, Sean's son, Katie, Courtney, Sean's daughter, Liz, Allie, and Erin, and Mike.

Seans Memorial Party

Marty remembers Sean's last visit to la manzana Grande for those of you who have visited The Big Apple. Sean and Courtney were here in June '06 as he was reprising a trip he'd taken with Cullen at a similar age. Courtney's astonishment at seeing the Statue of Liberty is a gift from her parents.

Marty, Patty at Holiday Party

Pat & Marty had separate and together vacations this year, Pat's first of her "sort-of" retirement. She taught this fall semester at Bloomfield College, introduction to the Office Suite for college freshmen. Since the spring semester offers great new developments, she leaves the classroom behind and with her students, some heartfelt goodbyes.

Pat celeberated "64 turns 65" with a close contingent of St Mary's College (of So Bend IN) class of '64. The photo below is from Fran Bardello Craig (and her SMC sister, Maryann's) condo in Lake Tahoe this October. The group has drawn toghether in the last few years since we gathered around the occasion of a memorial to one of the the members (Carol Barskis) fiance' who was lost in Viet Nam.

We did vacation together on Labor Day weekend, at Marty's fraternity brother's (Scranton PA), Gene Montrone's Penultimate Ripee(a good party).

And Marty's compensation for Pat's reunion was a trip to his Appleton (MN) HS 45th reunion. Where he met many old girl friends, a few boy friends, and had a terrific time. The photo evidence shows Marty (in the yellow shirt) seated next to "The Supremes".

Chip and Laurie Kessler, who were married in '05 are settled up in Bloomfield, where Mom was teaching at the college this fall. We're expecting family news in January, so we'll keep you in suspense, as we were for a while. Chip and Dad were caught in the NY Ranger's "centerfold" in this year's (06-'07)s yearbook. That's "the boys" standing in the last row. We'd like to think it was our countenance which led the team to select this photo.

Maura and Mark Domashinski are hosting a Christmas party this weekend. We celebrated a quiet Thanksgiving with them, including the Middletown North-South Homecoming game where Maura is the band director at North. And the the risk of tipping a hand here, but Pat will be expecting opportunies to share her spare time this spring down in Matawan.

SMC 64 turns 65

McGowans, Harises at Easter

Katie is completing her first full year at StoryCorps That's she and dad on the "Donate" button on the Web site. We took the photo about half an hour before the steam pipes exploded outside Grand Central, where we were. She's really happy with her job, and is growing in awareness and respect for the news interest she inhereited from her family tree.

Bless You your Family and Loved Ones this Christmas.
Pat and Marty McGowan
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