This page is the super bookmark for incidental McGowan sightings. It's for evidence of McGowan activities whose web presence is maintained by someone other than a McGowan Family member, their estate, or Foundation. Also, now, it helps if your name was Bill McGowan.

Incidental Pages

The Higher Call

Fr Killian McGowan, C.P. published Compassion, the Passionist Fathers quarterly
Fr J McGowan was a pastor at St Dennis in Lockport, IL in the last century.


Gerald McGowan is the U.S Ambasador to Portugal
James McGowan is NY State Commisioner of Labor


Sean McGowan of Boston College was just drafted by the SF Giants
Bill McGowan is the Head Crew Coach at UMass, Lowell
A story about Umpire Bill McGowan. Here is his gravesite.


Ross McGowan is a TV Anchor


John McGowan is the General Manager at Intel Ireland.


Steve McGowan is an attorney in employment and civil right litigation in WV.
David McGowan is a professor at U of Minn Law.
Miranda O McGowan is a Professor of Law at U of M


Caroline McGowan married Michael Duggan.


Kevin McGowan is the Crow expert at Cornell
Judy McGowan is Teacher of the year in Kalmazoo.

Bill McGowan Sightings

Bill McGowan is an area contact for the Delaware Farmstead Assesment System.
Bill McGowan is a business manager for the IBEW, from a column in Business Today.

Does anyone know what is the significance of McGowan's Corner New Brunswick

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